Consumer Engagement

The Industry Standard for Patient Education Resources

Consumer Education image - doctor and patient


Micromedex solutions are delivered directly to the point of care with full integration into thousands of hospitals’ information systems.1

Micromedex Solutions

  • Provide patients with information at every stage of care — pre-care, inpatient care, lab tests, drug information, discharge instructions, emergency department, and continuing care
  • Help patients understand their treatment, as well as learn critical self-care and medication adherence information
  • Engage consumers with HD video, interactive assessments, and a 3D avatar
  • Promote strategic hospital services by offering customizable text options

Additional Benefits of Micromedex Solutions
  • Patient education is automatically printed and documented to save discharge time and provide an audit trail
  • Available in up to 15 languages, including video and animated sources
  • Written at a 5th-to-7th grade reading level using health literacy standards

1 Available outside the U.S. only in select geographies.


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