Integration Options

Delivered Through Your Existing System, Exactly the Way You Need it: Get HIS Integrated Patient Education and Consumer Engagement

Patient Connect solutions are easy to use, with a familiar interface and information at the click-of-the-button when you select from a variety of HIS integration options. You can get immediate access to the patient-specific information you need directly in the workflow — so you never have to interrupt what you’re doing to create, find, and share the information you need. 

Micromedex Patient Connect integrates directly with other systems and content resources in  your hospital information systems, such as electronic medical records and patient-specific web portals. Regardless of your HIS architecture, from MEDITECH, EPIC, and McKesson to Siemens Sorian, GE, and more — our platform is interoperable and can be implemented quickly to provide convenient, consistent access across your organization.

This organization-wide patient education solution works hard for you on your own terms. Plug it into where you need it within your workflow, wherever you need it and wherever your patients will need to receive or retrieve it. The evidence-based clinical information is a one-time investment that can then be delivered in the format of your choice as your needs evolve.