May 2015 | Vol. 4, Issue 3 

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Kettering Health Honored for Improving Care and Reducing Readmissions

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Now Live. New Enhancements to Accelerate Your Micromedex Experience

  In the Spotlight   Predictive Analytics: A Weapon to Slash Readmissions
  Clinical Content Updates   Selected New Drug Approvals, New FDA-approved Indications, New Off-Label Indications and More 
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Clinical Matters

15 Top Health Systems Redefining Excellence

Congratulations to this year's 15 Top Health Systems - healthcare organizations that are redefining excellence through outstanding performance, including care quality, patient safety, use of evidence-based medicine, financial performance, and perception of care.  See who made the list!

The 15 Top Health Systems study is the only study in the industry that aggregates individual hospital performance into system-level data and provides performance metrics on more than 300 health systems and over 2,800 member hospitals. The results reflect the focus of health system leadership on improving the value and reliability provided to the communities they serve.

Start your journey to excellence with unparalleled 100 Top Hospitals research. Call 800-525-9083 option 4 today to order your customized report.

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What's New

Kettering Health Honored for Improving Care and Reducing Readmissions

What started with a quest to improve length-of-stay issues turned into an a-ha! moment for Kettering Health Network. Its quality and safety staff was already looking for analytics expertise when one of its hospitals, Kettering Medical Center (KMC), was designated a Truven Health 100 Top Hospitals winner — for the 10th time.

The 100 Top Hospitals report contained detailed analysis of performance improvement opportunities and explained the risk-adjusted methodologies used to identify them. If this proven methodology could effectively measure and pinpoint areas of opportunity in quality, safety, and efficiency at Kettering Medical Center, why not adopt the 100 Top Hospitals definition of quality as the standard for the entire health system?

Learn how Kettering Health leveraged Truven Health metrics to decrease length of stay by 50%, reduce readmissions by 17% and save over $800K. Click here to download the case study.

And check out how Kettering Health was recently honored for its innovative use of Truven Health data and analytics to resolve a care coordination challenge for many of their facilities. Read more.

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Tips & Tricks

Find Answers Fast

We've updated our most popular customer reference tool to reflect the new Micromedex enhancements. Turn to Micromedex Tips & Tricks as a quick reminder of helpful and relevant information available at your fingertips. 

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Product Updates

Now Live. New Enhancements to Accelerate Your Micromedex Experience

Enhancements to improve your day-to-day user experience are here.

  • Improved navigation and enriched interface
  • Direct, streamlined access to 'Quick' and 'In-Depth' information for faster answers
  • Reference complementary content sets from within the search results
  • Search within a results page and monograph with pinpoint specificity

Learn all the new features. Download an enhancement summary today.

And check out our quick, self-paced courses available to learn tips and tricks for finding evidence-based answers to your drug, disease and toxicology questions - fast! Visit for a complete list of courses - designed with you in mind!

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In the Spotlight

Predictive Analytics: A Weapon to Slash Readmissions

Learn how <strong">Roper St. Francis Healthcare reduced 30-Day Readmissions featured in Health IT Outcomes using our real-time clinical surveillance solution, Micromedex 360 Care Insights.</strong">

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Clinical Content Updates

Click here for selected new drug approvals, new FDA-approved indications, new off-label indications and more.

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Thank you for joining us at the 2015 Advantage Conference in Boca Raton, Florida. We hope that you found the information presented informative and that you left with new and innovative ideas to share with your organization.

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Get the Facts: Hospital Performance

The annual Truven Health 100 Top Hospitals identifies U.S. hospitals with the best overall performance across multiple organizational metrics, including clinical, operational, and financial. The ability of some hospitals to adapt as the industry is changing demonstrates leadership as the winners set the standards their peers seek to achieve. Study projections indicate that if the new national benchmarks of high performance were achieved by all hospitals in the U.S., nearly 126,500 additional lives could be saved, almost 109,000 additional patients could be complication-free, and $1.8 billion in inpatient costs could be saved. Review the data here.