Micromedex Clinician Rounding

Real-Time, Evidence-Based Information for Well-Supported Decisions and Faster Interventions

Micromedex® Clinician Rounding is a single solution that promotes a precise and streamlined patient care process. It combines the power of real-time, patient-specific monitoring, with evidence-based resources for immediate, informed decision-making. Proactive alerts and recommendations for intervention and prevention ensure that no procedures — or patients — are overlooked.

Caregiver Transition

Detailed communication to a census list by caregivers improves coordination, and reduces medical errors and duplication of tests and treatment. Proactive alerts of new and critical clinical values give caregivers instant insight into their patients' changing conditions. The seamless patient transition provided by the Hand Off feature also saves clinicians several hours per week in administration and communication.

How Micromedex Clinician Rounding Works


Trusted Evidence Mobile Support Resource Center

"The surveillance that can be done with Micromedex Pharmacy Intervention really allows the clinical pharmacists to streamline their workday. We no longer have to look at every patient who is on a certain drug to see whether he or she has a problem with that drug. Now, we get a list only of the patients with problems; we don't get these long reports that make our eyes bleed. We can take care of problems right away instead of having to hunt through stacks of paper." - Director, KLAS Surveillance Report 2013

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