Real-Time Clinical Surveillance
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Drive Measurable Improvement in Patient Outcomes Across Your Organization

Real-time Clinical Surveillance
Micromedex® 360 Care
Insights Suite

Real-Time Clinical Surveillance
Micromedex 360 Care Insights proactively monitors and conducts real-time clinical surveillance to quickly identify at-risk patients and intervention candidates, as well as deliver patient-specific clinical decision support at the point of care.


Clinical Knowledge
Micromedex® Clinical
Knowledge Suite

Evidence-Based Resources
A Single Solution for powerful Clinical Decision Support, Micromedex Clinical Knowledge Suite offers comprehensive evidence-based resources at the point of care for medication management, toxicology, and disease and condition management.

Micromedex Patient Connet Suite
Micromedex® Patient
Connect Suite

Patient and Consumer Education
and Engagement

Micromedex Patient Connect Suite is a complete, single-source solution of products that deliver evidence-based, comprehensive, consistent patient health education and consumer health engagement resources for every stage care.

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Align and Execute Your Systemic and Point-of-Care Hospital Readmission Strategies
Readmissions are costly — and the serious financial implications are changing the way that hospitals and health systems do business. Identify the unique factors affecting your hospital's readmission rates, so you can intervene and refine treatment and care before risk increases, outcomes are affected, and costs are incurred. Learn More

In the News
Oakwood Healthcare Selects Truven Health Analytics™ Micromedex® Solutions to Deliver Comprehensive and Integrated Patient and Consumer Education and Engagement Resources
Oakwood Healthcare – a four hospital, 1,129-bed system – has selected the industry standard for evidence-based Clinical Decision Support (CDS), Micromedex® Solutions, to integrate patient education and consumer engagement resources into its EPIC Electronic Health Record (EHR). Read more.

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